Mišić je quadriceps femoris


The author of this text is the official coach of the stair running technique Božidar Deodat Krešić

A stair runner must have very strong and massive leg muscles. Jumps are running techniques used by the runners on a public surface.

This requires elasticity of the leg and the ankle joint. Mountain runners on the other hand need a larger leg muscle mass. For strengthening the legs a special exercise is required.

You can achieve the required volume of the leg muscles after twelve weeks of continuous exercise of 5 to 10 minutes per day.

1. Stand by the wall. Legs are together. The head, the shoulders, the buttocks and the heels are

up against the wall. Slide down the wall but keep your head, shoulders, buttocks and heels

attached to the wall. The soles of the feet must be on the ground all the time. You mustn’t

photo 1 – starting position

lift the soles of your feet.

2. Slide down as much as you can.

photo 2 – final position

3. When you reach the limit, when you can’t go downward any further, stop.

4. Remain in that position for 15 to 20 seconds.

5. Slide up against the wall. Again, during the lifting up you are not allowed to detach your

head, shoulders and buttocks form the wall.

6. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

7. The number of repetitions depends on your physical condition.

8. My experience has taught me that the exercise is effective the moment you start to feel

slightly shiver in your legs.

9. After the effective exercise you will feel that your muscles are really warm.

10. There are no better or harder exercises than these for increasing leg strength and increasing

leg muscles mass.


Autor ovog teksta je službeni trener tehnike trčanja po stepenicama: Božidar

Neboderski trkač mora imati vrlo snažne mišiće nogu i njihovu vrlo veliku masu.

Kod trkača na javnoj podlozi, tehnika trčanja koja se primjenjuje su skokovi.

 Za to je potrebna elastičnost nogu i skočnog zgloba.

Kod trkača planinskog trčanja već je potrebna veća mišičina masa nogu.

Za jačanje nogu potrebna je specijalna vježba:

Tijekom dvanaest tjedana kontinuiranog vježbanja, svaki dan po 5 -10 minuta,

možete postići zahtjevan obim mišića nogu.

1. Stanite uz zid. Noge neka budu skupljene. Glava je uz zid. Ramena su uz

zid. Stražnjica i pete isto. Spuštajte se prema dolje, ali glava, ramena,

stražnjica i pete ne smiju se odvajati od zida. Taban pete mora uvijek biti

na tlu i nema podizanja dijela tabana.

2. Spuštajte se koliko možete.

3. Kada dođete do granice, kada se ne možete više spuštati, prestanite.

4. U tom položaju ostanite 15 – 20 sekundi.

5. Podignite se gore uz zid. Opet, tijekom podizanje ne smijete od zida

odvajati glavu, ramena i stražnjicu.

6. Ponovite vježbu do 20 puta.

7. Koliko će te imati ponavljanja ovisi o vašoj fizičkoj spremi.

8. Iz iskustva znam da je vježba uspjela kad vam kod zastoja počnu blago

drhtati noge.

9. Iz iskustva znam da je vježba uspjela kad poslije vježbe osjećate da su

mišići nogu dosta topli.

10. Nema boljih i težih vježbi od ovih za pojačanje snage nogu i povećanje

njihove mišićne mase.


In my experience – I have worked as a coach for stair climbing for a very long time – we should all learn from our own mistakes.

 1ST MISTAKE: To start exercising by climbing two stairs at the time is a big mistake. Without adopting an adequate technique for stair climbing, or without developing the proper strength of leg and body muscles, your exercise may finish very quickly with physical injuries and mental exhauster.

THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING EXERCISE: You should start with one stair at the time. Once you have mastered this technique, you can move on and climb two stairs with one step.

2ND MISTAKE: To wear heavy and rigid sneakers. If you are wearing heavy and rigid sneakers, your body will waste more energy. As a result your whole body will become tired earlier.

 THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING EXERCISE: The sneaker you are wearing should be soft and flexible. This way you will waste less energy.

3RD MISTAKE: The rhythm of your body and your steps is not coordinated.

 THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING EXERCISE: The body rhythm should be coordinated with your steps. During the course of the exercise you may become sleepy and not to notice how the pace of the exercise is slowing down. This is due to the monotony of the exercise. To solve this problem, you should do a small mental exercise. In your mind you should repeat the phrase: I am attacking the stairs! I am attacking the stairs! This way you will keep your freshness. A steady rhythm of running also plays an important role. All the stairs have the same height and length, so your steps are all very much alike. The laws of biomechanics do not allow your muscles to rest, so fatigue and tiredness may appear very early. You should try to keep regular steps all the time. This is important because all of the steps have the same height

4TH MISTAKE: While running the surface of your feet lies completely on the stair. As a result your legs will tire very quickly.

THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING EXERCISE: You should only use the front part of your feet when running up and down the stairs.

5TH MISTAKE: Keeping the whole body in an upright position (especially your torso) all the time while running up and down the stair. This way your body will waste too much energy.

THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING EXERCISE: Lean your body forward. This way you are helping your legs to run faster and easier. Furthermore, by leaning your body forward, you are saving your body energy.

6TH MISTAKE: Your knees are bent completely, or they are completely extended, while you are running the stairs. This kind of mistakes can cause pain in your knees, and it is a bad thing that can happen to you.

THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING EXERCISE: You should bend or extend your knees only to a certain point. Finding an optimal position is the best. This way you waste little energy.

7TH MISTAKE: When you are running on a flat surface, your shoulders should be still and inactive. You hands behave like a pendulum of a clock and provide a rhythm for your race. When applying this technique of running – it should be pointed out that – the changes of the pace are very common. In mountain running, the shoulders of a runner are not still, and the changes of the pace are also common. If you apply one of the two ways of running described above, you will get tired easily. As a consequence your results will not be outstanding. Moreover, if you apply one of the techniques described above for stair climbing, your body will waste too much energy.

THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING EXERCISE: Your legs should provide the rhythm for your arms. For that reason, your hands should work harder and with much more regular movements when compared with other disciplines. Lift up your shoulders strong and high. Follow the principle: the right shoulder goes with your right foot, and your left shoulder goes with your left foot. The shoulder goes always first and the foot follows. This technique is extremely important because it enables you not to waste your body energy while climbing the stairs. The manner in which you move your shoulders gives you a fifty percent guarantee for success. They play a key role in stair climbing.